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‘Books,’ Morgenes said grandly, leaning back on his precarious stool, ‘books are magic. That is the simple answer. And books are traps as well.’

‘Magic? Traps?’

‘Books are a form of magic’ – the doctor lifted the volume he had just laid on the stack, – ‘because they span time and distance more surely than any spell or charm. What did so-and-so think about such-and-such two hundred years ago? Can you fly back through the ages and ask him? No – or at least, probably not. But, ah! If he wrote down his thoughts, if somewhere there exists a scroll, or a book of his logical discourses… he speaks to you! Across centuries! And if you wish to visit far Nascadu, or lost Khandia, you have also but to open a book…’

Doctor Morgenes to Simon, in Tad Williams, The Dragonbone Chair

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